Summer is time for travel, and it feels so good when at the end of a journey somebody is waiting for you… In the middle of the summer we will be waiting for you in warm Minsk, get ready for unforgettable impressions of tango, sightseeing and summer open-air events!

We have everything one needs for a great weekend: a perfect DJ team, comfortable venues in the very heart of Minsk city, a thoroughly planned program - tango open air picnic in Minsk, excursions, lots of new tango friends and warm embraces. Open hearts in close embrace!

We are ready to take on up to 150 participants; we guarantee gender balance and we’ll do everything possible to create a warm atmosphere and a comfortable dancing environment!

Our event is open for everybody who can share our love and understanding of tango. We love the Golden Age music, a good Ronda, friendly and open couples, Mirada, cabeceo, codigos, as well as spring, good food and harmony with the others.

See you soon in Minsk!

Weekend Program


On Thursday, July 9, there will be a pre-party open-air milonga

Friday, July 10

19:00 – 23:00 Evening milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

23:00 – 03:00 Night milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

00:00 – 01:00 Buffet

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

Saturday, July 11

12:00 – 14:00 Excursion

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

14:00 – 15:30 Tango picnic

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

15:30 – 19:00 Evening milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

21:00 – 02:30 Night milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

00:00 – 01:00 Buffet

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

Sunday, July 12

14:00 – 15:00 Tango lunch

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

15:00 – 19:00 Day milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

19:00 – 23:00 Evening milonga

icon Pr. Masherova 9/8

After party

On Monday, July 13, there will be a regular open-air milonga! (7 Engels str)

Our DJ team 2019

Vitaly Averchenko

(Minsk, Belarus)

In 2013 Tango became a part of my life. It was not only the dance itself that had won my heart, but also the history of tango, the romance, its poetry, and, of course, the music. This passion grew into a DJ experience in 2016. Tango music is very versatile. I like the classics of the "Golden Age", interesting arrangements of familiar melodies as well as modern compositions. My favourite orchestras are Francisco Canaro, Anibal Troilo, Juan D’Arienzo, Enrique Rodriguez. At milongas I consider it important to create an atmosphere of trust and positivity and I get inspired by the energy of the dance floor.

Lyubov Solovyova

(Saint Petersburg, Russia)

I like to create cozy and warm atmosphere at the dance floor with a small "pinch of pepper". I think that music should make you want to dance and it is never "too much" of good tango. Favorite orchestras - Canaro, Calo, Troilo, D'Arienzo, Laurenz. Although it is difficult to distinguish one of them in particular. When people smile and shine after milongas, it gives me a feeling of incredible warmth and love.

Tino Iacovino

(Genoa, Italy)

Tino has been practising tango since 1992, first as a dancer, then as event organizer, tango teacher and DJ. He has played tango music at many events and milongas in Genova, Milano, Torino and Alassio (Italy), Nice (France), Valencia (Spain) and Jurmala (Latvia). He prefers playing classic Golden Age tangos from 1930 to 1950, sometimes adding a bit of later orchestras.

Maria Okruzhnova

(Riga, Latvia)

Felt in love with tango dance and tango music some years ago... Love to dance and create the dance. Beautiful music, amazing people and travelling now is a big part of my life. Music: playing traditional and contemporary orquestas, the main choice criteria- good music energy and danceability.

Dmitry Zakrochinsky

(Minsk, Belarus)

My DJing path started in 2014, since then I have been regularly playing tango music at Minsk milongas. I prefer to play music of 30s and 40s in my sets and always try to balance the rhythmical and lyrical tangos. Also, I keep searching for some less known but beautiful tango records and use every opportunity to play them for the dancers. My favorite orchestras are DiSarli and Demare.

Olga Vanina

(Minsk, Belarus)

Milonga is a celebration of joyful smiles, warm hugs, live communication and, of course, tango.
I play the music since 2011 and I know well how much the atmosphere of the event depends on the DJ. My task is to create “that same” magical mood for interesting, emotionally-saturated dancing, co-creation, harmonization in Ronda. And every year I am more and more convinced that the best music for this is the recordings of the Golden Age period.

Alexey Kutovenko

(Minsk, Belarus)

A good milonga is like a journey, with changing landscapes, stories and adventures, pleasant fellow travelers and a bit of intrigue: what will be behind the new turn? I regularly DJ at Minsk milongas. I was DJ’ing at the X Baltic Tango Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016), Winter Tango Marathon (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016), RioGrande Tango Marathon (Pskov, Russia, 2018), Milonguero Summer Marathon (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018). I’m a great fan of the golden age tango music and melodic milongas.


Tango Dancers


Hours of dancing


Professional DJs


Great dancing places


The full pass includes all milongas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tea, water, fruit and cookies will be available at the venues.
A tango picnic on Saturday and a tango dinner on Sunday are included only in Full Pass.If you want to additional order it - the price for picnic will be 6 euro and for dinner - 8 euro per person.

*Payment is accepted in BYN based on the official exchange rate on the day of payment. We will inform you about payment methods by e-mail, after your registration is confirmed.

Refund policy


icon Registration starts on April 20 at 20:00 (Minsk time)

icon You will receive a response from the organizers within 10 days after the registration. Please, do not buy tickets or book hotel until your registration is confirmed

icon Registration is mandatory for all event participants

icon You can register with or without a partner, if you choose to register in a couple, both partners need to fill out the registration form


We have very good news for our foreign guests: Minsk is now open for visitors (no need for visas)!

This news applies to EU citizens who travel by plane to Minsk national airport and will stay in the country for no more than 30 days.

In case you would like to stay in Minsk for a longer time, or you prefer to use a different means of transport, you will need to apply for a Belarusian visa. Please, contact us directly to get the details about it: info@tangoweekend.by.

Official info about travelling to Belarus.

Useful tips about our city in Minsk Guide

The most convenient way to stay in Minsk is to rent an apartment in the city center, close to the milongas venues. We recommend looking for apartments here and here.


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